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All news are by (atnotes @ free.fr)
Here are the archived news. For current news, see this page.

16-Jan-2005 : New update

A new version has been released : ATnotes version 9.5. No big changes. Among other small improvements, ALT+A shortcut has been removed, it will help our polish friends to type " ą " character.

See improvements on History page.

Turksih translation has been updated, thanks to Ibrahim Kutluay.

ATnotes Download Page
Get ATnotes in your language

06-Dec-2004 : 2 translations updates

Finnish and Ukrainian have been updated for ATnotes v9.41

ATnotes Download Page
Get ATnotes in your language


24-Sep-2004 : 1 translation update

Polish has been updated for ATnotes v9.41.


16-Sep-2004 : 1 translation update

Spanish translation has been corrected and updated for ATnotes 9.41.

Thanks to Alberto Alonso, Alfredo Amaya, Christian Vásquez Cereceda and Miguel Angel Del Rio Santos.

Note : I have received several updates for Spanish. As I don't speak spanish, I choosed one arbitrarily. You could find all the files here.
Vote for the best translation by e-mail :

08-Aug-2004 : 1 translation update

Hungarian translation has been updated, thanks to Varga András.


06-Jul-2004 : 1 translation update

Japanese translation has been updated for ATnotes v9.41.


25-May-2004 : 1 New translation + 4 updates

A new translation : Romanian. Thanks to Cristian Enusel for his work.

4 translations updates for ATnotes version 9.41 :

  • Bulgarian
  • Dutch
  • Interlingua
  • Simple Chinese

Thanks to the authors!

All translations are available on the languages page.

16-Apr-2004 : 2 New translations + 3 updates

Bosnian and Estonian are two new translations for ATnotes. This make a total of 42 translations. Impressive! Thanks to their authors.

3 translations updates for ATnotes version 9.41 :

  • Hebrew
  • Czech
  • Galician

Croatian was announced one month ago, it is available now.

Get your translation on the languages page.

16-Mar-2004 : 2 New translations + 4 updates

I am pleased to announce that ATnotes is now translated in 40 languages!! Many thanks to every translation authors !

2 new translations :

  • croatian*
  • slovenian translated by Adolf Vouk

(*) Croatian will be available in a few days. Please, Check the site back later...

Here are the translations updated for ATnotes v9.41:

  • Catalan (Xavier Mor-Mur),
  • Latvian (RALFS),
  • Serbian (Wiz),
  • Swedish (Leif Larsson).

All translations are available on the languages page.

ATnotes is now available via BitTorrent.
Get the torrent file on the download page

03-Mar-2004 : Language updates

Following the ATnotes 9.41 release, here are some updated translations : Brazilian Portugese, Italian, French, Russian and Traditional Chinese.

Credits are due to : Luiz Armando Mendes de Figueiredo, Sergio Molteni, Wiz, Alex {No fate} and Lion Tsai. Thank you all!

Get all translations on the languages page.

29-Feb-2004 : New version

ATnotes version 9.41 released!
This is a minor release correcting some bugs. ATnotes starts now from registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run) instead of Startup folder. According to Keith from the forum, this corrects the 'cannot add icon to systray' message that some users were encountering. Give us your feedback on ATnotes forum. See history for complete changes.

Download ATnotes 9.41

Thanks go to Thomas Ascher for his work!

08-Feb-2004 : 1 language update

Bas, the dutch translator has updated his translation for ATnotes version 9.4.

Get it on the languages page.

27-Jan-2004 : New translation

Users from Azerbaijan can now use ATnotes in their mother tongue. Thanks to Elcin Memmedzade for translation.

ALl translations are on the languages page

16-Jan-2004 : 1 language update

Simplified Chinese has been updated.

See languages pages for all translation

04-Jan-2004 : New translation, 1 language update

A new translation has been added : Persian. Translator kindly wrote a little introduction to ATnotes for persian users. Both files are available on the languages pages. Many thanks for his work.

Serbian translation has been updated.

And ... I wish you all a happy and peaceful new year !

14-Dec-2003 : 3 languages updates

Brazilian, Latvian and Polish have been updated for ATnotes 9.4, Thanks to the authors.

Check the languages page for all translations.

23-Nov-2003 : languages updates

5 translations have been updated : French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Swedish. Thanks to the translators.
Also Forum was broken during last week. It is now fixed.

All translations files are available on the languages page.

Visit ATnotes forum

15-Nov-2003 : New version

ATnotes version 9.4 is out!
Thomas Ascher sent me ATnotes 9.4. This version improves useability by adding new keyboard shortcuts, new settings, and more. Help file now includes some screenshots. See history for more details.

 Download ATnotes 9.4

03-Nov-2003 : 1 new translation

Latvian is now available on the languages page, thanks to Ralfs for the file.

The mailto: links were not valid after I updated the anti-spam script but I didn't noticed it until these days. So I have corrected all mail links, they should be valid now.

A lot of help requests are posted in Guestbook. So I have set up a forum which is more appropriate. You can post without registering. Feel free to ask or help others.

 Visit ATnotes forum

08-Jun-2003 : 1 Translation update

Czech has been updated for ATnotes 9.3. Languages files are on this page.

 23-May-2003 : 1 Translation update

Norwegian translation has been updated for ATnotes 9.3. All translations are available on this page.

To our chinese friends, please note that Chinese mirror has moved here.

18-Avr-2003 : 2 Translations updates

Two translations udpated : Russian has been slightly corrected, dutch has been updated for ATnotes 9.3. Get the files here.

and Happy Easter to all Christians!

 13-Avr-2003 : 3 Translations updates
Hebrew, Polish and Japanese have been updated for ATnotes 9.3. Get your translation on the languages page.

04-Avr-2003 : Translations updates keep coming
On the languages page, you will find updated French and Japanese translations for ATnotes 9.3.

31-Mar-2003 : 3 Translations updates

Galician, Russian and Simple Chinese have been updated for ATnotes 9.3. All translations are available on the languages page.

23-Mar-2003 : 2 Translation updates

Two translations update : Traditional Chinese and Hellenic (Greek). Languages files are on this page.

Thanks to the authors for keeping their translation updated. Your support is greatly appreciated.

11-Mar-2003 : 7 Translation updates

Following the 9.3 release, here are some translation updates :
Brazilian Portugese, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai.

These files are available on the languages page.

 07-Mar-2003 : New version

ATnotes 9.3 just released!
From my point of view (the webmaster), it is a very good release, adding what have been suggested in the guestbook like the option “Position notes in visible area when screen resolution changes”.

Go download this new version and see the new features.

Galician language file updated (for ATnotes 9.2). Thanks to Ignacio Tobío.

 04-Mar-2003 : New translation
A new translation : Finnish. Download it now on the languages page.

 03-Mar-2003 : New translation, New Web Site

A new translation, Interlingua. This international language is available on the languages page.

This is the new design of the web site. I hope you like it. Don't hesitate to inform me of any design problem with your configuration.

You can now subscribe to a mailing list to be informed of new versions.

 25-Jan-2003 : New Translation
A new translation is available : Thai.
ATnotes is now available in 35 languages, thanks to many people who have translated ATnotes in their tongue.

16-Jan-2003 : Translation update
Updated Italian translation.

12-Jan-2003 : Translation update
 New translation : Norwegian and Slovenian!
The Slovenian file is for an old version of ATnotes but it can be a good basis if someone want to translate ATnotes in Slovenian

30-Dec-2002 : Translation update
Updated Greek, Dutch for Atnotes 9.2 (more complete translation than the previous one), and Swedish!
And best wishes for a happy new year!

17-Nov-2002 : New version of ATnotes

Version 9.2 released ! See history for changes

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