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ATnotes is a FREEWARE program which creates notes on the desktop. It sits in the taskbar and takes very few resource.

A lot of translation

The user interface supports natively english and german language, which is set automatically according to the system default language. A lot of additionnal translation are available. And if you don't find your language, translating ATnotes is very easy.

Change the way your notes look

The notes are fully customizable : font, text size, color or transparency can be changed to make clear and beautiful notes. For important notes, You can make it always visible, so you won't forget it.

Example of a note always on top


You can set alarm for each note, which will bring the note to front, and flash it with a sound.

The next alarm is indicated in the ballon tip.

Minimize big notes

When a note is minimized, only the first line is displayed, reducing the desktop space used

Example of a minimized note : only the first line is show.

The same note when the cursor goes over it

Open notes links

Atnotes recognize links in notes so you can open them directly.

Example of notes with links


Now, You know the main features of ATnotes. You can already download it and give it a try.
It is a freeware, so enjoy!

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