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How to Translate ATNotes in my mother tongue ?

Translating ATNotes is very easy. Here are the few steps to do it.

  • First, be sure that there is no translation already available (check the languages page).
  • In Atnotes, go in 'Settings', 'Translation' tab, double-click the string in the translation column, and replace each sentence by his translation.
  • Once all is done, you could send me ( ) the 'atnotes.ini' file (located in the ATNotes folder - C:\Program Files\ATNotes by default) which contains the translated strings.

Please note : I put the author's name of a whole translation only. I will not change the author column if you are just updating an already existing translation. I think it is fair ! ;-)

Thank you for your help!
--Largo (atnotes AT free.fr)

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