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  • Note Window:
    • pressing ALT+A during note editing no longer selects the whole text
  • Alarm Confirmation Window:
    • the note text is shown using the defined layout
    • new button to delete the note
  • Note Menu:
    • removed the "Format Lines" command
  • Settings Window:
    • Various: new setting to optionally launch ATnotes every time the computer starts up (ATnotes is no longer launched from the startup group)
  • Note Window:
    • removed wrong dotted focus rectangle from note, if the user clicks outside the note during editing
  • Calendar Window:
    • open windows are no longer covered by the calendar, if the calendar is always on top
  • Note Window:
    • all note commands are now available through the keyboard if the note has input focus
    • notes keep input focus after an ATnotes window has been opened from the note menu
    • pressing CTRL+A during editing selects the whole note text
  • Send To Window:
    • right clicking on an entry in the recipient list opens a menu to rename the entry and to refresh the online status of this single entry
    • optionally define different port numbers for individual recipients by appending a colon and the port number right to the computer name
  • Settings Window:
    • Translation: new options for english, german or default language
  • Calendar Window:
    • the right click context menu now has a new item for the calendar settings
  • Settings Window:
    • Layout: new settings for gradient note background
    • Calendar: new setting to optionally display active alarms
    • Various: optionally disable positioning of notes in visible screen area if screen resolution changes
  • Note List Window:
    • new window for note list settings in Options menu
    • optionally display small icons for folders
    • new optional list columns: "Alarm Expires" and "Folder"
  • Alarm Window:
    • new optional expiry date for alarms
  • Alarm Confirmation Window:
    • customize the number of minutes when to remind again
  • new main menu item to show/hide the desktop calendar

  • new settings section for the desktop calendar

  • notes outside of visible screen area are repositioned automatically
  • delayed display of next alarm while moving mouse cursor over taskbar icon
  • new high color icons

  • new various setting to enable/disable display of next alarm while moving mouse cursor over taskbar icon
  • pressing the SHIFT key during note deletion bypasses the recycle bin
  • fixed absence of alarm confirmation message box
  • support for themes
  • new various setting to optionally display the notes with a drop shadow
  • new various setting to optionally append pasted text to existing note text
  • improved display of next alarm when mouse cursor is over taskbar icon
  • notes no longer disappear if the "Show Desktop" command is used
  • new help system
  • Alarm Window:
    • new option to repeat the audio signal until the alarm has been confirmed
  • Note List Window:
    • removed wrong message "Delete selected notes?" when restoring notes from recycle bin
    • fixed display of wrong note menu when switching between recycle bin and other folders
    • deleting notes with the DEL key now also works in recycle bin
  • Settings Window:
    • inserting initial text in the "New Note" section by menu now works correctly
  • Note List Window:
    • organize notes in customizable folders
    • view/restore deleted notes in/from recycle bin
    • view today's notes at a glance
  • Note Menu:
    • assign customizable folders to notes
  • Settings Window:
    • change saved layouts by saving again with existing name
    • set default folder for new and incoming notes
    • optionally delete notes to recycle bin
    • print notes with customizable zoom factor
    • optionally flip main menu- specify the files used to store notes and recycle bin
  • Search Window:
    • optionally search for whole words only

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