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03-Sep-2006 : New languages

ATnotes is still discontinued by Thomas, I have no news of him. We all would love to see ATnotes released as open source and being actively developped.

Despite this, the website continues to receive 1000+ visitors a day and I (the webmaster) still get new translations by great ATnotes supporters.

So I've updated the languages pages with 2 new translations and 1 update :

  • Arabic
  • Basque
  • Serbian (updated)

Thanks to the authors !

Forum has been closed some months ago because it was spammed and nobody usually reply to help requests. So I chose to close posting and registration, so you will not wait for an hypothetic answer but you still can search for old posts in the archive.

For those who are looking for an alternative to ATnotes, visite this site.

Thanks all for your support,


09-Jul-2005 : ATnotes discontinued!

It is confirmed : ATnotes is discontinued. Thomas Ascher (the author) sent me this :

I have deleted the ATnotes website and put a page there saying that ATnotes has been discontinued. Why have you put the website up again? I will not continue ATnotes, so please delete the website and put the "discontinued"-info up again.
Thanks, Thomas

I am keeping this site up and running but there won't be any new development on ATnotes. The redirector (atnotes.fr.st) is not working anymore.


30-May-2005 : ATnotes discontinued ?

ATnotes' website (this site!) has been deleted, most probably by Thomas Ascher.
The index page was replaced by the following text :
"ATnotes has been discontinued".

I (Largo, the webmaster) have re-uploaded all atnotes' site content and have changed the password, waiting for more information from the author. I hope the software will be continued ...

Anyway, Atnotes' Website is still alive !

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