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Start the Setup ATNSETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.

Please note that you do NOT have to uninstall to upgrade to a new version: just install the new version in the same directory as the old version.


Open Control Panel / Software, select ATnotes and click on "Add/Remove".
Please note : Your notes are also removed during uninstallation!

CAUTION: Do NOT uninstall to upgrade to a new version: you would lose all your notes and settings!

Install language file

Here are the few steps in order to get ATnotes in your language

  • Download and install ATnotes
  • Get your language file. This is a zip archive which contains atnotes.ini (the translation).
  • Extract atnotes.ini in the ATnotes folder, it is « C:\Program Files\Atnotes » by default.
  • Run ATnotes, it is in your language now!

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