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  • Note Window:
    • all note commands are now available through the keyboard if the note has input focus
    • notes keep input focus after an ATnotes window has been opened from the note menu
    • pressing CTRL+A during editing selects the whole note text
  • Send To Window:
    • right clicking on an entry in the recipient list opens a menu to rename the entry and to refresh the online status of this single entry
    • optionally define different port numbers for individual recipients by appending a colon and the port number right to the computer name
  • Settings Window:
    • Translation: new options for english, german or default language
  • Calendar Window:
    • the right click context menu now has a new item for the calendar settings
  • Settings Window:
    • Layout: new settings for gradient note background
    • Calendar: new setting to optionally display active alarms
    • Various: optionally disable positioning of notes in visible screen area if screen resolution changes
  • Note List Window:
    • new window for note list settings in Options menu
    • optionally display small icons for folders
    • new optional list columns: "Alarm Expires" and "Folder"
  • Alarm Window:
    • new optional expiry date for alarms
  • Alarm Confirmation Window:
    • customize the number of minutes when to remind again
  • new main menu item to show/hide the desktop calendar

  • new settings section for the desktop calendar

  • notes outside of visible screen area are repositioned automatically
  • delayed display of next alarm while moving mouse cursor over taskbar icon
  • new high color icons

  • new various setting to enable/disable display of next alarm while moving mouse cursor over taskbar icon
  • pressing the SHIFT key during note deletion bypasses the recycle bin
  • fixed absence of alarm confirmation message box
  • support for themes
  • new various setting to optionally display the notes with a drop shadow
  • new various setting to optionally append pasted text to existing note text
  • improved display of next alarm when mouse cursor is over taskbar icon
  • notes no longer disappear if the "Show Desktop" command is used
  • new help system
  • Alarm Window:
    • new option to repeat the audio signal until the alarm has been confirmed
  • Note List Window:
    • removed wrong message "Delete selected notes?" when restoring notes from recycle bin
    • fixed display of wrong note menu when switching between recycle bin and other folders
    • deleting notes with the DEL key now also works in recycle bin
  • Settings Window:
    • inserting initial text in the "New Note" section by menu now works correctly
  • Note List Window:
    • organize notes in customizable folders
    • view/restore deleted notes in/from recycle bin
    • view today's notes at a glance
  • Note Menu:
    • assign customizable folders to notes
  • Settings Window:
    • change saved layouts by saving again with existing name
    • set default folder for new and incoming notes
    • optionally delete notes to recycle bin
    • print notes with customizable zoom factor
    • optionally flip main menu- specify the files used to store notes and recycle bin
  • Search Window:
    • optionally search for whole words only
  • Settings Window:
    • new layout setting for random colors from user defined color list
  • Send To Window:
    • fixed tab order (to insert a tab stop in the text field press Ctrl+Tab)
    • same context menu for text field as for notes during editing
    • list of computer names is saved when closing window without sending
    • computer names in list are editable by left double clicking on them
    • support for computer names with blank characters, if they are put between double quotation marks
  • Note List Window:
    • assigning saved layouts to notes now works correctly
    • last sort order is restored when opening the window
  • Main Menu:
    • the commands "New Note" and "Paste Note" are no longer displayed in a submenu if no saved layouts are present
  • fixed absence of color options "Automatic" and "More Colors" in layout settings for languages other than german
  • new color options in layout settings: automatically set text color to black or white depending on which provides the higher contrast to the background color, automatically set border color equal to background color
  • fixed program crash when using mouse wheel in various section of settings
  • enhanced color selection in layout section of settings
  • note window and note list now support the following keys: ENTER = edit note, DEL = delete note, SUBTRACT (-) = minimize note, ADD (+) = restore note, SPACE = open alarm window
  • fixed wrong sort order in note list after changing view
  • when trying to paste more than 2000 characters of text, a warning message is displayed that the text will be truncated
  • improved standard audio signal with computer speaker
  • fixed multiple sending of notes if the recipient has been specified both in the edit box and the recipient list
  • save and restore layouts in the layout settings
  • quickly assign saved layouts to notes from the note menu
  • create and paste new notes with saved layouts from the main menu
  • specify a saved layout for incoming notes from other computers in the network settings
  • new network setting to make incoming notes "always on top"
  • browse the network neighborhood for computers in the "Send To" window
  • check the online availability of computers in the "Send To" window
  • new setup
  • a taskbar button is now displayed for open ATnotes windows
  • new settings for new notes: automatically open alarm window after editing and specify the cursor position for initial text
  • new various settings define the time to announce an alarm in the taskbar icon before it actually goes off and the number of times to flash the taskbar icon on announcement
  • the next upcoming alarm is displayed when moving the mouse cursor over the ATnotes icon in the taskbar
  • fixed a program crash when using the select all/reverse selection commands in the note list window with no notes displayed
  • new layout settings: make a certain note color completely transparent and set the transparency of the whole note
  • fixed a note display problem caused by certain languages
  • if ATnotes fails to add its icon to the taskbar at startup, ATnotes keeps on trying until success or until the user cancels in the displayed window
  • changed font used in ATnotes windows to font "Tahoma
  • new setting to minimize new notes automatically after editing
  • "remind again in X min." in alarm confirmation message box is now available for all alarm types
  • incoming notes from other computers are now displayed even if the "show notes" option is not activated
  • in task manager there is no longer an entry displayed for each note
  • the alarm confirmation message box now allows to change the alarm or to remind again in a specified number of minutes
  • new various setting to define the tab width for notes
  • new various setting to define the action for double clicks on taskbar icon
  • optional audio signal for incoming notes from other computers
  • fixed a bug where incoming notes from other computers not always appeared in foreground
  • an error message is displayed if the Run alarm action and the Open command from the note menu fails
  • send notes to other computers in a network
  • optional translation of user interface to other languages
  • new hotkeys for the Search and Send To commands
  • new layout setting to use random colors for new notes
  • added help support
  • added icons to menus
  • fixed a bug where ATnotes used wrong times if the daylight saving flag was active in certain time zones
  • fixed a bug in the settings window where sometimes settings in the "various" section were lost when the OK button was pressed
  • "copy" and "layout copy" in note menu are combined to a single command which copies the note as text, layout and bitmap
  • "paste" in note menu allows to choose the type of data to paste: text + layout, text only or layout only
  • extended "undo" command in main menu: undo edit, paste, delete and format lines on single or multiple notes
  • minimized notes automatically are reminimized after modification
  • new various setting to print notes without note border
  • view settings in the note list are saved and restored
  • notes cannot be modified if data file is set to readonly
  • all hotkey combinations are now available in the keyboard section of the settings window
  • fixed failure of "select all" and "reverse selection" in the note list
  • new alarm type: repeat alarm daily
  • new columns for alarm action and audio signal in note list
  • columns in note list can be activated and deactivated (menu options/columns)
  • new command line parameter for definition of data file (instead of default data file ATnotes.dat, e.g. "ATnotes.exe C:\MyDirectory\MyDataFile.xyz")
  • new various setting for flash interval in millisec. for alarms with flashing notes
  • notes can be exported to a text file in the note list
  • new setting for separator line between notes when exporting to text file and copying to clipboard
  • insert file shortcuts while editing notes through the right click context menu
  • when turning off "always on top" from the main menu all notes are back on the desktop
  • remembers last time set in alarm and hide window
  • fixed a bug where program windows were covered by always on top notes
  • fixed a bug when opening file shortcuts with blanks in file path: put path between double quotation marks (") 
  • fixed a crash when trying to paste a new note longer than 2048 characters
  • new layout setting for use of desktop colors
  • alarm action "bring to top" now hides a note which was hidden before the alarm correctly after flashing
  • if alarm type "delete note after alarm" and alarm action "bring to top" are specified at the same time the note now is deleted correctly after flashing
  • new layout setting for left/centered/right alignment
  • various new settings for initial cursor position when editing and appearance of date selection calendar
  • alarm action "bring to top" now flashes the note (click on note to stop flashing)
  • every file type is now available for alarm action "run" (like the note command "open")
  • reorganized note hiding: all options are set in one window, new option to hide notes for a period of time
  • fixed a bug where auto expanding notes sometimes were covered by other windows
  • lines are broken only at spaces when formatting lines
  • new option to display notes in full size while mouse cursor is over the note
  • user defined initial text for new notes
  • insert date/time during note editing through the right click context menu
  • notes with long lines of text can be formatted to fit a user defined note size ratio
  • new option to automatically format lines when pasting text from the clipboard
  • dotted selection rectangle is displayed only if a note has input focus
  • fixed a bug where sometimes unintentional new notes were created
  • select multiple notes on the desktop by holding down CTRL key while left clicking on the notes
  • custom alarm action for each note: message box, bring note to top or run a program
  • different audio alarm signals for each note
  • export/import notes to/from a file in the note list
  • new options to view notes in the note list normal, minimized or restored
  • note list now has an optional toolbar
  • new option to search notes case sensitive or not case sensitive
  • new search history contains the last 16 searches
  • new option to hide the note from alarm window
  • fixed a bug in repeated alarms, where multiple alarm message boxes appeared if the next repeated alarm was before the current time
  • search for notes containing a specified text
  • show/don't show all notes (independet from hiding individual notes)
  • new option to ask before deleting single notes
  • undo last deletion of a single note
  • alarm can be set to a specified period of time from now on
  • new option to indicate if not the whole note text fits in the current note size
  • notes can be minimized to the first line of text
  • note size can be restored to fit the whole text
  • show all / visible / hidden / alarm notes in note list
  • select all notes and reverse note selection in note list
  • note list now has menus and a statusbar
  • new settings for printing: automatically use default printer, print in color
  • multiple notes can be selected in note list for copying, deleting, printing and settings
  • improved printing: multiple notes, note border, color if supported by printer
  • tab stops are now inserted correctly when pressing the TAB key
  • new hotkey for opening note list
  • pressing ENTER key in note list edits the selected note
  • fixed a bug where always on top notes covered new notes during editing
  • increased time field width to fit times with AM/PM
  • made all fonts available for selection
  • clicking outside the note during editing saves the note
  • notes remain visible when other ATnotes windows are opened
  • new option to make each note always on top separately
  • paste text from clipboard to an already existing note
  • copy/paste note layout to/from clipboard
  • create or paste new notes with the layout of an already existing note
  • open URLs, e-mail adresses and file shortcuts in notes with the associated program
  • additional settings define how much space to leave between cascading new notes
  • test audio signal in alarm settings
  • increased maximum text size from 1024 to 2048 characters
  • notes are also editable in the note list
  • note list window displays all current notes
  • fixed a problem with aligning in languages with right-to-left reading order
  • copy/paste note text to/from clipboard
  • always on top option
  • notes can be hidden
  • repeatable alarms
  • option for automatic deletion of note after alarm
  • additional option to signal alarm with computer speaker
  • new system-wide hotkeys to paste new notes and toggle always on top
  • changed name from DeskNotes to ATnotes
  • custom layout for each note
  • custom system-wide hotkey to create new notes
  • custom wavesound playable at alarm
  • notes are stored in file instead of registry
  • first public release

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